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Title: White Noise (2005)
Views: 135
Year: 2005
Category: Horror
Writers: Niall Johnson
Stars: Michael Keaton, Deborah Kara Unger, Ian McNeice
Storyline: An architect's desire to speak with his wife from beyond the grave becomes an obsession with supernatural repercussions.

Title: The 6th Extinction (2012)
Views: 144
Year: 2012
Category: Horror
Writers: John Vincent
Stars: Mahssa Rashidy, Eric Maurer, Michael Bugard
Storyline: It's day one of the end of the world, as vampires take over the Earth in one night of blood and slaughter. Four strangers must work together if

Title: Victim (2010)
Views: 165
Year: 2010
Category: Horror
Writers: Michael Hultquist, Robert Martinez
Stars: Stephen Weigand, Bob Bancroft, Brendan Kelly
Storyline: A young man finds himself held captive by a mysterious doctor and his brutish henchman.

Title: Valentine (2001)
Views: 137
Year: 2001
Category: Horror
Writers: Tom Savage (novel), Donna Powers (screenplay)
Stars: Denise Richards, David Boreanaz, Marley Shelton
Storyline: Five women are stalked by an unknown assailant while preparing for Valentine's Day.

Title: Vile (2011)
Views: 141
Year: 2011
Category: Horror
Writers: Eric Jay Beck, Rob Kowsaluk
Stars: Eric Jay Beck, April Matson, Akeem Smith
Storyline: A group of friends stop to pick up a hitchhiking woman only to end up getting drugged by her with a gas. They awaken to find that vials have been impl

Title: Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)
Views: 98
Year: 2000
Category: Horror
Writers: Silvio Horta (characters), Paul Harris Boardman
Stars: Jennifer Morrison, Matthew Davis, Hart Bochner
Storyline: A film school is the center of a fresh spate of killings based on urban legends.

Title: Underground (2011)
Views: 117
Year: 2011
Category: Horror
Writers: Charles Morris Jr.
Stars: Jacob D. Woody, Sofia Pernas, Adrian R'Mante
Storyline: A group of friends fight for their lives against the lethal and ravenous creatures lurking beneath the Earth's surface. The group finds themselves

Title: Trouble Every Day (2001)
Views: 128
Year: 2001
Category: Horror
Writers: Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau
Stars: Vincent Gallo, Tricia Vessey, BĂ©atrice Dalle
Storyline: Two American newlyweds in Paris experience a love so strong, it almost devours them.

Title: They (2002)
Views: 149
Year: 2002
Category: Horror
Writers: Brendan Hood (as Brendan William Hood)
Stars: Laura Regan, Marc Blucas, Ethan Embry
Storyline: A psychology student finds all her childhood fears and phobias becoming real after a traumatic event.

Title: The Watermen (2012)
Views: 396
Year: 2012
Category: Horror
Writers: Matt L. Lockhart
Stars: Jason Mewes, Richard Riehle, Floyd Abel
Storyline: A clan of watermen capture a crew of sport fishermen who must then fight for their lives.

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